To make it easy, make Europe your target for this. It’s easier to get in touch with 7 different countries in a week if all the countries are just right next to each other in walking distance. The countries are small yet so insanely different to each other so you would have an easier trip unlike if you were to travel the entirety of Asia (that’s a topic for another time). But of all the amazing countries in Europe, which countries should you be visiting and make it easier for the One-Country-In-One-Day trip?

A Country Each Day

  • 1st Day – London, England
  • 2nd Day – Paris, France
  • 3rd Day – Brussels, Belgium
  • 4th Day – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 5th Day – Berlin, Germany
  • 6th Day – Prague, Czech Republic
  • 7th Day – Vienna, Austria

The best thing about travelling through these countries is that they are all just kind of next to each other. Give yourself a tour to these paces and experience one country for a total of 24 hours before moving on to the next one. That is how you travel to 7 countries in a total of 7 days.

You can even bring your whole family with you, though I think some of them wouldn’t be feeling the adventurous spirit as much as you would, seeing as there is a likely chance they would complain and whine about having to get on a plane or a bus or something every single day. May just go with someone who was also willing to go through with this trip with you. Someone with the same kindred spirit as you. This could be your best friend or maybe even partner.

Or better yet, just go by yourself. Just because you would be alone doesn’t mean you would be lonely, right? You can still enjoy your whole trip if you don’t bring anyone with you. Besides, you wold only be following your own pace and not worry about anyone else but yourself, right? That’s an easy way to get out of sticky situations.

And if you have an extra few days and extra energy to go to different European countries, then go these other countries that are also amazing:

  • 8th Day – Malaga, Spain
  • 9th Day – Rome/Venice, Italy
  • 10th Day – Budapest, Hungary
  • 11th Day – Braga, Portugal
  • 12th Day – Poznan, Poland

Of course, you don’t have to follow these countries by day, you can interchange them depending on your schedule or how close they are to your current destination. It’s much easier to just follow a map in this case. You can take photos, enjoy the cuisines and do the activities that you have ever wanted to do in each country if you want, provided that none of said activities harm anyone or yourself, that is. Be careful on your trip and have fun!

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