Everyone that enjoys playing golf knows the satisfaction of having a great day on the greens. How often we wish such days would never end and that we could keep playing on until the final moment when the daylight fades into night. What better way to fit more golf into ones precious leisure time than to blend golfing and holidaying together by staying right at the location of the course itself. Golfing vacations are becoming ever more popular and the range of options that make for a memorable holiday is astounding.

There are numerous benefits to combining sporting recreation with vacations and ever more golfing clubs are coming on board with flexible packages that cater to the needs of avid golfers from around the country and around the world. Searching the internet yields thousands of such interesting opportunities.

The following five benefits describe some the key advantages of choosing to make golf the feature of your next holiday destination.


One of the least enjoyable things about heading out for a few rounds of golf is the inconvenience involved in packing up the clubs and hitting the road early enough to ensure you not only make the most of the day, but that you get to the course before swarms of others arrive before you.

Having accommodation that is right onsite means you can literally be eating breakfast one minute and strolling onto the green the next. No traffic, fuel stops or parking hassles, no unloading and wrestling with your kit, no stress about arriving late or missing the earliest tee off possible.


Purchasing a golfing holiday package often includes the use of a wide range of facilities and generous access to various bonuses and discounts. Many clubs have gyms, restaurants, pools, member’s bars, classes, coaches, and special events, often with VIP treatment for those favoured guests who elect to stay on the grounds. This is a great way to get a personal feel for the facilities, the club community and the general location of the links themselves.


Many clubs seek to include the entire family in the fun by offering activities that cater to a broad range of interests, including entertainment for children in the evening whilst the adults unwind and share private time together. For example the golf packages Murray Downs offers boast access to tennis courts, lawn bowls, spas, bars, bistros, musical performances, and many other activities of interest to non-golfers. Some resorts include courtesy transport into the surrounding area to link with local sightseeing and wildlife tours and specific regional attractions.


Holidaying at the course means the opportunity to play certain holes multiple times per day. Every course is different and some include holes designed to frustrate, infuriate, and delight golfers at every level. More time on the course equals better skills, so imagine being on site and playing a round or even a few holes in the morning, enjoying time to relax and explore the location, and taking up the challenge of your favourite holes again in the afternoon. What an excellent opportunity to help shave strokes from your game!


Playing golf whilst holidaying can bring people together in relaxing and unexpected ways. Everyone needs time out from their usual routines and how great it is to be able to do something you enjoy in a completely different location. Families, friends, workmates, and business colleagues all tend to let go of stress and become more open and friendly in a holiday setting. Golfing can be an excellent means of getting to know someone better or just change things up enough to shake out those cobwebs and introduce a little fun back into life. A golfing holiday can be a team building exercise, a shared adventure for mates to talk about for years to come or a unique way for couples to connect over a common interest in a totally different setting.

Just as there are as many people who enjoy playing golf, so are there many reasons for blending golf and vacations together. When it comes to choosing the right mix of vacation and recreation the choices really are unlimited.

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