Business hotels are everywhere. They range from budget-friendly to four or five-star chains. They are a great improvement today. But there are areas for improvement. We are listing down five common problems and solutions.

Problem #1: Free Wi-Fi and Internet access only in common areas

Internet access is a must for every business traveler. In fact, it is a must for everyone today. For the busy business traveler, it would be nice if you get Wi-Fi/ Internet Access right in the comfort of your room away from the clutter and noise downstairs.

Problem #2: No bathtub

The business traveler is always on the go. Business trips are in fact the busiest. At the end of the day, a nice warm bath is a welcoming treat. It helps us to slow down and help wash away the day’s stress from our minds.

Problem #3: Pricey breakfast.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day because it will set the tone and energy of your entire day. After a hearty breakfast, you feel charged and ready to take on anything. But no matter how delicious your breakfast is, if it’s pricey, you can’t help but feel shortchanged. This usually gives us a foul mood that might last through our meetings the entire day.

Problem #4: No local papers.

You can get a lot of valuable information from the local news. This helps a lot most especially if you’re in new territory or on a regular visit because it can help establish rapport. You’ll be able to relate easily with the conversations because you know what is happening locally.

Problem #5: Expensive cabs.

Cabs are the way to go around for most business travelers. But the cabs lining outside the hotel charge a premium. It would be nice if the hotel looks into this and ban cabs that overprice. Guests can fill up a Taxi Line Feedback form to report or commend drivers. This attention by the hotel will communicate to their guests that they really take into account all of their guests’ needs eliciting positive feedback for the hotel.

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