Spain is the 12th largest economy in the world and the 5th largest in the European Union. No wonder that many of the world’s largest businesses establish either branches or their headquarters in the country.

If you have business to attend to in Spain, you may need to stay in any one of the business hotels in Spain. Travelling, company issues, and other concerns can stress you out, and you would just like to check in your hotel, have a relaxing rest, and have a pleasant stay. However, you may encounter inconveniences during your stay that will make your experience less desirable.

Here are a few tips on how to raise a complaint without having the staff fear or dislike you.

1. Is the problem worth your time and effort? As a business traveller, you are just tired and stressed out. That problem may be really insignificant and not worth complaining about.

2. If there is indeed a problem but can wait, try to let your corporate department handle it. Remember that they are the ones who booked your stay, so they have the responsibility to settle it. If you are attending a convention, let the convention manager handle it.

3. If you decide that the problem must be handled now, determine what you really want. A discount? A better room? A free meal? When the hotel agrees to your demand, you will most likely feel compensated and the problem won’t escalate out of hand.

4. Do it promptly. Immediately go to the front desk and voice out the problem. Most front desk personnel have the authority to fix the problem right away. If not, then ask for the supervisor or manager. And even if you end up dealing with the general manager, the staff in the lower tier will be the ones who will implement the solution.

5. Reign in your temper and keep your voice down. No one wants to try and help a raving, furious person. Remember that in the eyes of others, the one who is screaming is an idiot. Be nice, objective, and civilized.

6. As soon as your problem is solved, thank everyone involved. Better yet, take note of the names and forward your appreciation to those people to the hotel’s management.

Have a great stay during your holidays to Spain.

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