Are you tired of celebrating Christmas on the same place you’ve been doing so since you were nothing but a wee little baby? It can get boring and stifling over time, huh? Even when Christmas is supposed to be for tradition, home and family, if you ever want to do something new, you can go visit the countries that have the best Christmas in the world.

It might just be right up your alley. A little break from the usual. It won’t have to be every single year, since travelling with the family is nothing short of costly. Because it is and things get seriously expensive because things are in season. In fact, this particular season might just have to be the SEASON to be in season, you get me?

But there’s nothing wrong with experiencing something new. Plus you get to brag about it to your relatives next years during Christmas dinner or something. It’s definitely something to look forwards to. I know I would “humble-brag” about it to them if I ever get the chance to travel for the holidays.


The residents here yearly opens their shutter quite proudly to show the public their holy crib confections. Their garage doors are also opened for this, which makes for a nice walk down the lane at night.

New York

Their decorated tree and ice rink makes for a nice visit when bored and in need of a fun activity to do during the holidays.

Bath, England

This place celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and the birth of Jane Austen with great fanfare. You can learn about Jane Austen while celebrating Christmas here.

Barcelona, Spain

Christmas here lasts long until the arrival of the Three Kings. Come here to have a holiday that lasts until January 5th.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Here, you can enjoy Christmas the Santa Claus way. This is basically every kid’s dream. Some of us even want to leave everything behind just to live a life as one of Santa’s elves.

Nuremberg, Germany

For to Nuremberg Christmas market and join in with the yearly 2 million people in seeing the giant wooden Ferris wheel as well as the old-fashioned carousel.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Want a Christmas that doesn’t have any snow or cold temperatures? Why not go to Honolulu where they do it festive-style?

Quebec City, Canada

They have a Christmas-themed village here, which really takes you to an old-timey era where they celebrate Christmas. They even offer a lot of holiday programs that fits for everyone.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Want “Scruffy Santas” that bring presents to nice children for 13 nights that lead up to the Christmas? Because they have that here plus rows of pretty huts in Yule Town Christmas market.

Wherever you choose to go to during the holidays, make sure it’s with the family, yeah?

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