All the best events and parties to be had in Europe are listed here! While you can argue that we’re months away from October 31st, it never hurts to be early about finding out where to go. We would rather be prepared about our travels when the time comes. Besides, it can give you a little bit of knowledge about the things these amazing places do for Halloween.

Netherlands – Amsterdam Halloween Festival

It’s a single day event but boy is it something. Going on a festival in and on itself is already exciting, but one that’s purely themed around a holiday meant for scares, horror and the night? People go around wearing costumes too. If you ever thought to visit this one during this year’s Halloween, make sure to have fun for the rest of us, yeah?

England – Nottingham Ghost Walk

Apparently, there is a Ghost Walk in Nottingham that allows the people to know about the ghostly past of the town itself. A lady who was also a psychic medium by the name of Jenny Cross started offering these walking tours back in 1993, where she would detect any ghostly activity around Nottingham. The tour lasts for about 90 minutes for a family package too, where you could bring 2 of your kids with you to scare them pants-less.

Ireland – Spirits of Meath

Horror tales and pumpkin carving, right here in Meath where it was said to be the first to have started Halloween in the first place. They said that Samhain, something that is very much like our modern Halloween, was a 2,000 year old Celtic festival. If it’s true that Meath started Halloween and is supposedly the same as Samhain, then doesn’t that mean that Halloween has been established for over 2,000 years? What better place to spend your holiday than this place then?

Spain – Halloween in Port Aventura, Salou

I personally love Spain even when I haven’t been to that country before. So knowing that they too have a festival about Halloween where people dress up and honour the dead and the horror is enough to get me excited about actually going. They even have rides and special horror events there, which they celebrate from September 22 to November 18 every year! Of all the European Halloween events, this has to be my favourite, simply because it’s in lovely Spain. So, with all the choices here, I have to wonder which one is deemed the best. But then again, that is entirely up to you to pick, since my word is but one against many. Besides, opinions vary and it wouldn’t be fair for me to just outright say that the one in Spain is the best, since I’m biased for that country itself. And there are those who flinch away from horror stuff in general, so for all I know, they would find this list horrifying. Which is funny because this is Halloween and horror is peak here.

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