It’s hard not to feel homesick. Travelling away from home for a while can get you to feel that and we can’t help it. This happens even if you were travelling with someone. We cannot help but feel like we miss home no matter what, because we grew up in that one place. We’re going to feel a little weird and sad being in an unfamiliar place sometimes. However, since we are in need of getting used to travelling (alone), we might need some tips on how to get past the homesickness.

Luckily we have this little list down here.

Focus on the fun positives

It’s better to think about fun stuff and the positive light to every situation. Sometimes it doesn’t work but in this case, it’s a much better alternative than to think about home and the suffocating feeling of not being able to get to it because you are literally thousands of miles away. Trust me on this. From my own experience, it was either distract myself with fun stuff than to wallow in how much I missed my parents and my baby brother.

Don’t call home all the time

It will only make you miss it. Don’t call them every single time you miss them either because that is VERY counterproductive. You are trying to NOT miss home, yeah? Calling home all the time will only make you more miserable. Don’t do that to yourself.

Keep in touch though

Your mum misses you. You can keep in touch with your family, yes, but don’t overdo it. Tell them where you are so they don’t worry but don’t tell them how much you miss them. That’ll only make all of you sad and miserable.

Make new friends abroad

Be friendly. Make lots of friends so you don’t feel alone and left out in an unfamiliar city. The best way to not be sad is by distraction, yes? The best kind of distraction is a companion. You will be able to have fun and forget about the fact that you miss home when you are with someone or a bunch of someones.

Write out your feels

The sooner you rant and let out some stream, the better. The best thing you can do about your pent up emotions is find a way to release it in a healthy manner. Since beating up people is illegal, how about you write down? Express yourself in your notes as much as you want. That way, when you go back home you have something to read over and laugh about to yourself in secret when re-read it.

Day off = treat yourself

Come on, you are abroad for a reason, right? Treat yo’self, buddy. Meet friends, get drunk, and eat a lot of the local cuisines! Be happy and enjoy life as much as it permits so. Happiness doesn’t happen to some people, you know?

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