If you need to prepare your body for your next adventure, Pilates is the best choice for you. Pilates is a form of workout which was developed by Joseph Pilates, he believed that mental health and physical health were related. Pilates was developed with the intention of helping causalities especially soldiers who were in the First World War. Pilates was seen purposeful to the war causalities since it helps to strengthen and stabilise their muscles. The inspiration that led to the development of Pilates is the Western form of exercises.

Pilates is a form of exercise that is suitable to everyone regardless of age and their experience in athletics. Pilates work out focuses mainly on the abdomen. It helps you to be flexible, strengthen the core, and have lean muscles. Pilates exercises use the proper body alignment, control, breathing, and movement to establish a healthy working body from inside out. As you will learn proper breathing exercises, this will benefit you especially when you’re going to hike or do a lot of walking during your trip.

If there are Pilates training professionals in your local area, you can hire one. But, if you’re too busy (planning, maybe, for your next trip) and can only workout during your free time, you can always opt for Pilates videos online.

Types Of Pilates Videos Online

There are two types of Pilates workout: mat Pilates and reformer Pilates. The two provide the same benefits. The most common Pilates work out being offered in classes is the mat Pilates. Mat Pilates are the hardest since there is no reformer assisting the body. The reformer looks like a bed that has frame with springs, straps, and pulleys. This apparatus in the reformer allow a variety of exercises to be done on the reformer. The results of Pilates when using a reformer are seen quite sooner than using a mat.

TIP: Ensure that you watch a Pilates video from a well-known instructor and read the reviews about the video before trying the workout. This will help you to use a video that was helpful to a lot of people and avoid doing exercises that are not Pilates.

Benefits Of Using Pilates As A Workout Regime

The following are some of the advantages in engaging in Pilates workout as preparation for your upcoming trip.

• When engaging in Pilates the muscle becomes strong and lean without creation of any bulk. This is by focusing on the body core. If going to the beach is part of your next trip, make everybody jealous with your rock-hard abs.

• Pilates help in improving the sitting and standing posture. This helps in better balancing and movement coordination. And, if you’re a constant traveller, you already know that traveling involves a lot of sitting and standing – and walking too.

• After engaging in Pilates your energy level increases unlike other work outs that leave you feeling exhausted. This is beneficial especially if you’re going to squeeze in plenty of destinations in one day. You need plenty of energy to take them all, buddy!

• Pilates helps you to have more self-awareness since you are able to know your individual needs. This helps you to be efficient when you are training yourself and in the process you end up using your time in helping yourself to achieve fitness.

• Pilates is also a good way to achieve mental health. When working out, you are able to meditate and release some of your stress. After a long day of traveling here and there, Pilates can help you de-stress.


Pilates is a great way to physically and mentally prepare yourself for your next travel adventure. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot afford to go to Pilates classes, watching Pilates videos online can be your only remedy.

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