Sometimes we all often dream of leaving our home and going travelling alone and experiencing new things by ourselves. The experience behind that is great however it can get lonely. For your next planned trip, you should bring someone with you. Or a bunch of someones, it’s up to you.

Who SHOULD you take with you then?

A general and obvious choice would be a loved one or a family member. It makes sense, right? It’ll be someone you’ve known for a long time and what better way to spend some much needed time with a loved one than to take them on a trip?

You get to experience a lot of things together and everyone knows that bonds get stronger when they are put in a different environment together with the sole purpose of having fun. That is mostly the reason why companies even bother to give their employees some much needed outings. They need their workers to have a great relationship together so there isn’t a likely chance of anyone fighting within the building. Plus, it makes cooperation in the near future much easier.

So with that being said, wouldn’t that mean it’s much better to go adventuring with someone you barely know?

Now there’s an idea.

Travel with a Stranger

While I myself don’t have the experience unlike Matthew Karsten does, I do see the benefit of dragging someone you barely know with you, as well as the disadvantages, of course. There is a thought of possibly finding the best friend you never thought you needed, someone who you call in the future when you needed to go drinking and when you needed help. Someone you would never turn your back on. You can only find someone like that in adventures. It’s why we often see these television shows and movies have better bonds after they went through something together. It’s like finding the Iron Man to your Captain America. The Sully to your Nathan Drake. The Zoro to your Luffy.

You might never know if you and that distant neighbour you’ve known for a long time was actually your soulmate all this time unless you “force” him or her to this adventuring with you. Mind you, while I say this, it isn’t actually easy to convince some acquaintance of yours to go on this trip all alone with you, much less having the courage to actually ask them. They might think the wrong thing about you.

However, there is no harm in offering. I certainly know that if a random acquaintance of mine would suddenly ask me out of the blue to go to Iceland with them for a few days, I’d definitely get suspicious. Why would they even ask ME of all people, when we barely talk? They might put me in a body bag.

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