We all have our own reasons for wanting to leave and travel around the world. Or to wherever you want to go to. There is still a reason behind that, whether they are big or small. They matter and they are the driving point to going out there in the world. They are what you would call the push you need to leave and live the life that you might have needed.

So what’s your reason?

“I want adventure in my life”

Maybe we all need this. We probably don’t even know it yet, but we all need to travel once in a while. It’s when you are out there do you actually find yourself. That is what happened to Bilbo in The Hobbit. He didn’t want the adventure thrust upon him out of the blue, but he still got it anyway. In the end, he made precious friends and memories that changed him.

I want something like that too.

“I want freedom”

There comes a time when you realise, after living in the same city, same country as you always have been for as long as you could remember, that you would feel trapped. As if the very air that you have been breathing for the last decades is suddenly toxic and you want out. In truth, there’s an itch inside your soul that wants to be freed, because you have been seeing the same people, walking the same path and road and doing the same thing over and over again. Your soul is claustrophobic and it wants to get out and breathe newer air.

It hates to be trapped. It wants something that can only be achieved by kicking yourself out of the house.

“I want to learn”

For the curious ones, a thirst is the one thing you need to pacify and quench. The first one was hunger and the second couldn’t breathe. This one is the thirst for knowledge. You would want to learn everything there is the world has been offering us right in front of our noses. With how much our planet really has, with so many different cultures all in one single sphere, is it really enough for you to just learn it all through pages of books and on screen?

Of course not. See and learn everything with your own eyes and your own ears. There are so many things out there that can’t be written down in books or be recorded by the highest quality camera. You need to see it for yourself and learn it first-hand. Whether it be languages or history or maybe even different sorts of culture that you didn’t know even existed, those need to be handled personally and not through second-hand experience.

“I want to travel for myself”

Well, don’t we all? Whether you want to get away from a relationship that got ugly, or because you have been dreaming of seeing the world one day, isn’t that done for yourself and yourself only? My main point: You should travel because you love yourself.

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