If I ever want to go on a holiday, it’s going to be an Around The World in 80 Days thing, except it will NOT take that amount of time and I’m actually going to be studying during those stays. The traveling around the world is spot on because I, like any other history nut out there, am very curious about the world. I want to know what other countries have as their history and what is now their legacy. I hunger for knowledge.

Now, you may be asking yourself “Why would a 24 year old girl like you want to study all that much and what are you going to use that knowledge for?”. And all I got to say is that I LOVE history and I am going to be using all the things I learn on my future novels. Sue me.

So with that, here are holiday places that have a huge chunk of studying material.


Ah, yes, the home of pasta. Not only does it boast so many beautiful tourist spots that have been memed thousands of times, this country is also where the majority of our Western Society came from. Could you imagine what their scrolls and monuments have in them? The amount of stories they tell and how much time passed with them still present to this day is astounding. Not to mention all the pantheons it houses? Yes, this is definitely my top 3rd.


Where do I even start with this one? Greece has made itself known more on the mythology that we have fun learning about today. All the games, stories and movies we see have the Greek Gods and Goddesses into them and we even modernise them a lot. Greece came before Rome did and if you didn’t know already, all the Roman gods such as Jupiter, Juno, Pluto, Neptune and more, are actually just the Greek Gods themselves. The myth says that after Greece fell, the gods moved on to the Roman side of the world and integrated themselves into it. Jupiter is Zeus, Juno is Hera, Pluto is Hades and Neptune is Poseidon. As great as Rome was and as amazing as its history was, it still is basically just the “remake” of the original, which was Greece itself.


Ah, the land of Pyramids. What most people don’t know is that Egypt actually was the first ever civilization that started everything. It wasn’t the Greeks nor was it the Norse and Romans. Egyptian gods and goddesses existed before the others did and what they started became a staple for everyone else. It makes sense to me because from what I learned, Egypt has so many deities that I hardly even knew before I started studying it. We know Ra, Anubis and Osiris, yeah? But did you know Sobek? He was a crocodile god. Did you know Amun (Amun-Ra)? He was almost the same as Ra, the Sun god, except Amun is also a god of air.

Most people don’t actually travel around the world for the same reason as I do. However I think that that’s fine because it makes curious people like me want to study even more. There are still more countries that have amazing history, like the list found in ideagrove so that could be worth checking out. And if you want to get accurate with our history as humans and what timelines they belong to, then check out infoplease. Have fun learning!

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